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Professor David Sammon

Data Structure Scientist, Cork University Business School,
University College Cork

David is a Professor (Information Systems) and Vice Dean (Graduate Studies) at Cork University Business School (CUBS), University College Cork (UCC), Ireland. David is a data structure scientist and his applied research focuses on relational data designs, visual sensemaking, and Imagineering for data value. David is an Action Design Research advocate. He is co-Founder of the Data Value Innovation Group and collaborates on applied research projects with Texuna as an independent authority on data best practices. David is an associate faculty of the Irish Management Institute. His work on data quality has been published by Harvard Business Review (HBR).

  • Data Futures – Single Source of Truth (SSOT) versus Multiple Versions of the Truth (MVOT).
  • Too many Full-Time Equivalents (FTEs) spent resolving data quality
  • Student and staff revenues and costs in FTE are a significant unit of measure in H.E.
  • Data Futureas will stop the chase and force a data quality behaviour and mindset change