Ed Foster

Ed Foster

Student Engagement Manager,
Nottingham Trent University

Ed Foster is the Student Engagement Manager at Nottingham Trent University. His remit is to find ways to overcome barriers to students engaging with their studies. He is responsible for developing the NTU Student Dashboard, a learning analytics package that uses the StREAM tool to give students and staff more useful information about student engagement.

He is also responsible for exploring how to improve other institutional systems for helping students to participate fully in their studies. He previously worked in learning development and is actively engaged researching student transition into HE and student engagement.

  • Overcoming barriers to students engaging with their studies by using learning analytics to understand how to deliver a more engaging and effective curriculum
  • Outlining strategies used at Nottingham Trent University to improve student engagement and retention, specifically through data collected on the NTU Student Dashboard
  • Exploring how to ensure that data being collected on student engagement is being used effectively to improve the student experience
  • Sharing strategies used to help tutors use data to coach and guide students