8:45 am
Registration, Refreshments and Networking
9:30 am
Chair's Welcome Address
Shabana Akhtar
Shabana Akhtar
Executive Member, HESPA and Associate Director – Strategic Planning and Business Intelligence
University of London
9:40 am
The HE Data Conference: Back in the Room Icebreakers

With live events back, we will be kicking off the HE Data Conference with interactive icebreakers.

This session will allow you to get to know colleagues from across the sector and explore your key learning objectives for the day.

Expect lots of interaction and an opportunity to restart your face-to-face networking experience!

9:55 am
A National Regulatory Update: The Future of OfS Data Metrics, Collection and Analysis
  • Examining the central aims and proposals of the OfS Consultation into the development of its new data strategy for 2021 and beyond
  • Assessing the next steps for the Data Futures Programme and how the OfS can better ensure proportionality and reduce burdens from data collection exercises
  • Outlining the core metrics at the heart of the new Quality and Standards Conditions and what this will mean for data collection and analysis
  • Understanding how OfS data collections are used to monitor quality and deliver regulatory oversight
Richard Puttock
Richard Puttock
Director of Data, Foresight and Analysis
Office for Students (OfS)
10:15 am
Opening Dialogue on the Consultation: Your Views and Questions

Following the OfS Update this is your opportunity to engage with the consultation into the new OfS Data Strategy Consultation.

Come armed with your questions, ideas and thoughts on data collection, reducing burden and the role of data in regulatory oversight.

10:30 am
Networking Break and Refreshments
10:50 am
The HESA Data Clinic: Data Futures, Expectations on Collection and the Next Steps for Core Datasets
  • Examining key updates from the Data Futures Programme, what we have learnt so far and what to expect in the build up tot the Data Futures transition year of 2022/23
  • Assessing what an efficient and modernised data collection process should look like and how burden on the sector can be minimised
  • Analysing how institutions can develop a framework for strategic decision making from HESA datasets
  • Evaluating core indicators from Graduate Outcomes Data and what the sector can expect on the development of the Survey
Paul Clark
Paul Clark
Chief Executive
Workshop Series: Advancing Data Maturity: Plotting Your Institution’s Data Journey

These interactive workshops will allow you to gain direct insights from practitioners leading the way in delivering advanced data infrastructure and holistic data tools across an institution.

Be prepared to hear best practice, ideas on developing your data maturity and gain practical support in developing your action plan.

11:10 am
Workshop A: Breaking Down Silos and Democratising Data: Delivering a Holistic Data Dashboard and Reporting Tools
Dr Rebecca Hodgson
Dr Rebecca Hodgson
Associate Dean (Student Experience)
Sheffield Hallam University
James Berry
James Berry
Head of Data Visualisation
Sheffield Hallam University
11:50 am
Never Mind the Hype, What do I Really Need to Know about the Graduate Outcomes Survey?

Graduate Outcomes is the latest iteration of surveys tracking the various interpretations of success of those leaving UK higher education and replaces the Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey. Even before the release of the first set of results, the survey was a hot topic in the higher education press and beyond, with much discussion of whether employment outcomes signify the value of a higher education course.

With a particular focus on communicating the issues clearly to those less familiar with the intricacies of HE data, this session looks beyond the hype to explore how this new data set can be used, and the caveats that need to be clear to those looking to extend these uses.

Sally Turnbull
Sally Turnbull
Interim Planning & Policy Lead at the University of Wolverhampton
Associate Consultant, SUMS Consulting
12:20 pm
Networking Lunch
1:00 pm
Workshop B: Joining Up Data Systems – Infrastructure, Data Warehouses and the Cloud
Dr Phil Richards
Dr Phil Richards
Chief Technology Officer (Data Futures)
Workshop Series: Data and the Market: Remaining Competitive, Benchmarking and Delivering Strategic Insight

In this workshop series you will have the opportunity to engage in practical insights on the role of data in robust strategic planning, market analysis and performance management.

These sessions will offer innovative ideas from across the sector and allow you to assess practical action points for your strategic decision making.

1:40 pm
Workshop A: Market Insights: Understanding Competition and Benchmarking Progress
Bethan Ellis
Bethan Ellis
Head of Strategic Insight and Analysis
University of York
2:20 pm
Break and Refreshments
2:40 pm
Workshop B: Performance Data: Managing KPIs
Miranda Routledge
Miranda Routledge
Director of Planning
Loughborough University
3:20 pm
The Conference Debrief

In our concluding “debrief” session, you will have the opportunity to assess what you learned from the Conference and the action points for your institution.

3:30 pm
Conference Close

*programme subject to change