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Sue Milward

Head of Education Transformation Projects,
University of Exeter

Sue Milward is a Programme Manager at the University of Exeter, where she has gained a broad range of knowledge and experience initially within IT and MIS, but more recently as a technical innovator and strategic project manager. Sue is currently leading the Effective Learning Analytics project at the University.

  • Trialling and developing a learning analytics project using data on student’s academic performance to support effective interventions to ensure progress
  • Presenting learning analytics findings through a bespoke student data dashboard for student and staff to allow users to monitor performance
  • Engaging students in the development of the project with 90% of first year students opting-in and students contributing to user focus groups to assess how data insights can provide further support
  • Conducting data mining research from multiple data sources in line with academic performance to assess how student engagement can be improved and how staff can deliver targeted support where required
  • Evaluating the lessons learnt from the project and how the analytics projects can be replicated to improve academic interventions and student progress across HE